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Since escaping, the cow has been spotted several times in and near Mount Storm Park.At about noon Sunday, the cow was seen near the intersection of Lafayette and Warren avenues near the park. ”Residents were alerted to the cow by a couple of people shouting and running through the woods after the cow,” Dates said ”Those people were not associated with our plan to capture the cow and it’s a disservice to the cow to chase her that way. It’s very upsetting to her and I wish people would stop chasing her.”We have a plan in place to eventually capture the cow without any trauma to the animal and without any threat to public safety.”

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The centerpiece of the plan is a temporary corral set up in Mount Storm Park, complete with a couple of cows, a salt block and feed.The hope is that the cow will be lured into the pen so people hidden near the corral can close the gate behind her. ”We’ve talked to cattle experts and they say this is the best approach to take,” said Dates. ”Let the cow relax and let her come into the corral.” An SPCA official with a tranquilizer dart gun also has been stationed near the corral. Although the FBI embarked and is on target for an official opening on May 17. Work on the revamped interior and spruced up exterior has met budget targets. with the bulk of redevelopment completed well within the proposed six-year time frame.”
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”It looks like the FBI of the past – where we chased a lot of drug dealers and bank robbers, and assisted local and state police – that may be cut back,” said Bashore, a 30-year veteran of the agency who now works in Louisville. ”We’re going to get more into how can we protect the U.S. and the borders here.” That shift has created a much greater need for special agents with degrees in technology, engineering, physical sciences and language, according to Bashore. Military knowledge and counter-psychological oppression experience is likewise alluring in section level specialists whose normal age is a little more than 30.